Cashing in With Multi Level Marketing Opportunities

Everyone seems to want to learn how to start cashing in with multi level marketing opportunities. Whether you're in this case or not there is a big chance that you can get it done as long as you learn the specific skills needed to make it happen. Now you see you're not just going to come in this business and dominate. It rarely happens, and it's most likely not going to happen to you or any other people that you know.

You have to go through the bumps and the hurdles in order to get to the top. Now I know it may sound cheesy but it is the downright truth. When I first got involved with industry at around age of 18 I had no idea what I was doing but I sure wanted to make a residual income with a network marketing program.


Can you relate to anything that I'm getting at here? I had the vision, I had the dream, but the only thing I was lacking was making that income.

Do you want to know why I wasn't making any type of income? It's because I continue to keep doing what wasn't working. I didn't learn to become a better marketer and hit my target market. If you do not do this your income will never grow to the expectation that you want. What this simply means is go out there and find the people who are ready out there looking for you. Are you surprised that I actually said there are people out there looking for you right now?

The truth is that it is up to you to learn the techniques that you are comfortable with and will have the biggest effect on your business. Don't let anyone tell you any different, the biggest part about network marketing is the word... "marketing" once you can become an effective marketer no one will be able to stop you.

Cashing in With Multi Level Marketing Opportunities

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How to Use Vitamins to Help With Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness is one thing, vertigo is another.  Both involve potential feelings of unsteadiness and possible faintness, but vertigo will often also include disorientation.  Both conditions can persist to be point of becoming disabling

Ongoing conditions may involve some pathology of the balance organs inside the ear, some diseases, even migraines.  It can be simple motion sickness with familiar nausea.  More serious causes could involve decreased blood flow to the brain, inner ear infections or high or low blood pressure.

\"health Food\"

Vitamin supplements can be used to help in two ways:

Ginger can help to settle the stomach. Ginger has been used for stomach upsets for years, and is some cases can be effective for nausea within minutes. Ginger also has the benefit of not causing drowziness as some medications do.

Take the ginger as a standardized extract, say, 100mg every four hours. Alternately, try a slice of fresh ginger, or powdered ginger as tea.  All can be purchased from health food stores or direct from a supermarket.

Ginko Biloba can help with the dizziness. Ginko helps blood flow to extremities, including the brain. It can take a few weeks to begin to work.

Try, say, 2000mg twice a day for chronic cases.

Vitamin B6 can also help some chronic cases as it is useful for brain and nervous system function. Try 50mg 3 times a day.

Of course, you should consult your regular doctor to ensure that any supplements do not interfere with any other medication, or treatment you might be having.

Stress may aggravate dizziness or vertigo. Meditation or yoga may help in these cases, as may other B group vitamins.  Eating a large meal before travelling can make travel sickness more likely, especially if the meal contains high fat or protein.

How to Use Vitamins to Help With Dizziness and Vertigo

Lots of luck with it! Vertigo, dizziness and motion sickness can all be extremely unpleasant, so try Ginger and Ginko Biloba for relief. For more information on the use of herbal treatments for these and other conditions, visit []

Foods Good For Your Liver

Working out to improve a specific part of the body is difficult. Eating for the same purpose is not. When it comes to your liver, there are foods that are good for it.

Your liver is an organ vital to healthy living. Your liver serves many functions such as storing sugars, vitamins and minerals and eventually uses them for energy and even controls the production of your cholesterol. Additionally, your liver cleanses your blood of any toxins and is helpful in assisting to your overall wellbeing!

\"health Food\"

There are many well known suspects that are bad for your liver. Eating and drinking substances that are high in alcohol and caffeine can be detrimental to your liver functions. Additionally, smoking and taking copious amounts of some medicines such as aspirin can have negative effects on your liver. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to aid in the cleansing process that your body relies on your liver for. Add some fresh squeezed lemon to your water for a detoxifying and cleansing beginning and end to your day.

Remember, taking certain medications such as aspirin in excess can cause serious harm to your liver. In addition, certain illicit and street drugs will permanently scar and reduce functions of the organ. Drinking too much alcohol or mixing it with medications can also cause significant damage to the liver. In addition to these harmful chemicals, others such as certain cleaning products and aerosol sprays in surplus can lead to severe damage as well.

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants are important for a healthy liver. Eat foods with great amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and B such as fruits and veggies. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are significant and useful detoxification agents. Cleansing fruits such as fresh berries, prunes, raisins, apples and pears are good choices for a healthy liver. Avoiding foods that are high in fat and cholesterol can also keep your liver healthy and assist in maintaining long lasting functionality. In addition, foods high in fiber such as whole grain breads, rice and cereals are essential to liver health. Cooking with lots of garlic and onion is a fantastic way to keep your liver healthy while still eating foods that taste great. Both are great antioxidants!

Taking small but simple steps when choosing foods to add to your diet can make a world of difference in the long term health of your liver. Whole and naturally organic foods that act as antioxidants are always a healthy option and will assist in maintaining your overall health as well as your vital organ- your liver.

Foods Good For Your Liver

Jerry Passi is with - a directory of health food companies.

How To Get Rid Of Migraine Headaches Without Aspirin

Migraine headaches can be debilitating. They are by far the most severe headaches you can have. A migraine often starts with light sensitivity and is sometimes accompanied by nausea or vomiting. The severe headache will begin shortly after these symptoms have started. Over the counter medications such as aspirin may do little to help ease the pain. Natural migraine remedies can effectively relieve the severe pain without the side effects of drugs.

As soon as you feel the first symptoms of a migraine attack, drink a caffeinated beverage. While caffeine has been thought to trigger a migraine, once it starts the caffeine will actually help by opening up constricted blood vessels. Make sure you drink plenty water for the duration of the headache. Even mild dehydration can worsen headache symptoms.

\"health Food\"

A warm shower or bath may help at the onset of the symptoms. If you are not able to take a shower, try putting a cool compress on your head. Sit quietly in a darkened room. This will help ease light or noise sensitivity as well as nausea. A face massage can ease the headache pain and stimulate blood circulation. A warm foot soak is also good for blood circulation.

Some herbal remedies are known to prevent or ease a migraine headache. Dried herbs can be used to make teas or tinctures. Herbal extracts are potent and need to be diluted before use. Capsules come in many herbal combinations and are readily available at most natural or health food stores.

Feverfew - Feverfew contains substances that inhibit the release of mood hormones in the brain. For best results, use fresh feverfew. When this is not available, consume as tea or in capsule form.

Bay - There have been some doctors who recommend taking feverfew with bay to prevent a migraine headache. You can often find a combination of these herbs at most health food stores.

Ginger - Ginger has long been known to relieve and prevent headaches. It is an anti-inflammatory and has substances that help reduce pain. Take in capsule form, according to directions.

Peppermint - Taken internally or used externally, peppermint can help to relieve a migraine headache. To take internally, drink peppermint tea. To use externally, mix several drops of peppermint oil with lotion or body oil and massage into the temples.

In order to prevent a migraine, you need to identify what causes it. Many foods can trigger an attack. These include cheese, chocolate, wheat and caffeine. If you indulge in one of these foods and experience a migraine attack 24 hours later, the food is most likely a migraine trigger. Other triggers include stress, changes in sleeping patterns, hormonal changes and changes in altitude.

Natural migraine remedies can help reduce the length and severity of a migraine headache. Not all natural migraine cures work for everyone, so try various remedies until you find the ones that work best for you. Finally, learn to control the triggers to avoid getting a migraine.

How To Get Rid Of Migraine Headaches Without Aspirin

Migraine is a common cause of suffering in most people, resulting in lost work days. There is no need to live with the pain of a migraine headache. Visit our website for daily updated resources on migraine headache and natural migraine remedies at

Homemade Pest Sprays - Creating Your Own Organic Insecticide

The safe way to deal with pests and insects on your plants, in your nursery, your garden and around your home! Make sure you test your homemade sprays on a conspicuous part of your plants first, before spraying all your plants completely.

Which home made insect spray on what insect?


Aphids - Alcohol spray, Nicotine spray, Garlic spray, Tomato Leaf spray, Potato Leaf spray, Hot spray
Mealybugs - Alcohol
Scale - Alcohol, Nicotine (soft/young scale only)
Thrips - Alcohol, Nicotine
Whitefly - Alcohol, garlic, hot
Fungus gnats - Nicotine
Leafhoppers - Nicotine, Garlic
Leafminers - Nicotine
Earwigs - Garlic
Earworm - Tomato Leaf / Potato Leaf
Spidermite - Hot
Caterpillar - Hot

Alcohol spray

Use 1-2 cups of rubbing alcohol (70%) to 1L of water. Test the spray on some bottom leaves of your plants first to make sure it's safe and doesn't burn the foliage. Sometimes Alcohol spray can cause leaf damage on Violets or Apple Trees. Works well on many types of plants, including house plants and tropical plants.

Nicotine spray

Nicotine spray is extremely toxic to insects. You can make it by either soaking 1 cup of tobacco leaves (of the tobacco plant), cigarette butts, or rolling tobacco in 4L of warm water. Add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to bind it all together, and act as a foliage sticker + spreader. Strain the liquid after it has soaked for an hour or so. Spray the foliage thoroughly underneath and on the top. Nicotine spray acts as a systemic pesticide, and remains active for several weeks. Be careful with your vegetables, and don't spray them when you're planning on harvesting the vegetables within the month.

Garlic spray

Garlic spray works wonders as insecticide and has been proven to work against fungi as well. Mince 10 cloves of garlic in some vegetable oil for at least a whole day. Once it has soaked, add some dishwashing liquid and ½ L of water. The dishwashing liquid helps the oil mix with the water. Stir well and strain. Use 2 tblsp of the garlic mix per 1/2 L of water, and spray plants thoroughly.

Hot spray

Mix 1 teaspoon of Tabasco Sauce with 4 cloves of garlic and 1L of water. Let is soak for at least a day, before straining it.

Tomato Leaf spray / Potato Leaf spray

Both tomato plants and potato plants are members of the nightshade family, which have a toxic, water soluble substance in their foliage. You make this homemade insect spray by soaking 2 cups of chopped tomato leaves, or potato leaves (whichever you prefer or is more readily available) in 2 cups of water for a day, before straining the liquid. Spray both top and bottom of the leaves of your plants for protection.

Homemade Pest Sprays - Creating Your Own Organic Insecticide

El Meager is the Owner Manager of National Tropical Plants, one of Australia's leading online nurseries. National Tropicals Online Nursery specialises mainly in rare, exotic, native and general tropical garden plants for Australia. El has written 100's of articles on the subjects of gardening, plants and nurseries and is an avid supporter of the preservation of natural habitat for wildlife and nature. El is also a fanatic gardener herself together with husband Dan. All growing and plant information can be found on the website

Starting Your Small Health Food Business

The latest trend to hit America is consumption of healthy food. More and more consumers are searching for fresher, healthier, unprocessed, and nutritive foods that will help them stay fit and healthy. An increase in obesity and the incidence of heart disease has resulted in this dramatic change. For many people, gone are the days of indulging in fried items and unhealthy foods.

Since more people are working and not many are able to cook meals at home, people are attracted to frequenting health food stores and buying health food products. More and more people who are health conscious are opting to visit specialty restaurants serving heath foods such as salads and smoothies.

\"health Food\"

Starting Your Small Health Food Business:

While preparing to start your small health food business, you have to consider several aspects of the business carefully. It is essential to have a well-drafted business plan by taking into consideration the market research, demographic information, competitive analysis, product development. This is accomplished by doing extensive research about food trends, likes and dislikes, and the existing market for your health food business. This information can be useful in analyzing if your business may succeed. Make sure you have adequate resources to fund your venture or have a well-drafted loan proposal to help get a loan from any financial institution. Having a cash flow projection may be helpful as well.

Make a list of the equipment necessary, the staff needed, and the qualifications necessary for each position. Determine the scale of pay and other benefits for potential employees.
Determining the costs and calculating how much you are going to charge and if customers will pay for it are other important aspects. Make sure to include the operating and maintenance costs too, and be sure your products are not under-priced. You may need to do some research about your potential customers' spending habits on foods. Determine a break-even point to help measure your success.

Determining the location, selecting the right kind of retail space, figuring out the lease, and getting a good deal are important, too. You will have to determine the kind of entity your business is going to be and then get the appropriate licenses and permits necessary to legally operate your business. Make sure the premises and equipment are conforming to the rules regarding food safety and sanitary conditions.

Developing a good marketing and advertising plan is essential. Marketing and advertising strategies have to be developed by carefully considering the target market, getting across the right message and ensuring that you get the attention of customers with catch phrases that will list the benefits of healthy foods. Use the local paper, cable and radio to announce the launch of your business, advertise in the free newsletters that are distributed in your area, give out fliers. Use the Web, too, and promote your products successfully.

These are a few tips for starting your own small health food business.
There are firms that help businesses succeed by offering services and products that make it easier to manage the businesses.

Starting Your Small Health Food Business

Alexander Gordon is a writer for - The Small Business Consulting Community. Sign-up for the free success steps newsletter and get our booklet valued at .95 for free as a special bonus. The newsletter provides daily strategies on starting and significantly growing a business.

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Foods That Help Indigestion

Our lifestyles seem to have taken on an ever increasing pace of activity, we all seem to be working harder and longer hours, rushing our meals absorbing the stresses of the world and are therefore suffering from heartburn and indigestion in far greater numbers.

Though there are many different potential causes of indigestion. The main culprit responsible for most cases of indigestion is our frantic lifestyle and behavioral choices. These factors are ones that can be controlled and changed-that is, once they have been identified.


By identifying foods that help to relieve heartburn, as well as those foods that cause indigestion, you will be able to make healthier choices that will lead us to prevention of the on set of heartburn.

Which Foods Help Indigestion?

There are certain foods that help indigestion. Eating these foods can not only help , but they can also prevent it before it occurs. Dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, are known for being foods that help indigestion. Mixing honey in your milk can also prevent symptoms of indigestion.

Neutral Foods

Some foods are neutral in terms of indigestion-they don't contribute to it, but they don't protect against it either. Examples of such foods include: apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots, peas, skinless chicken, extra-lean ground beef, London Broil, low-fat soy cheese, feta or goat cheese, fat-free sour cream, corn bread, pretzels, graham crackers, rice cakes, multi-grain or white bread, baked potato chips, licorice, and jelly beans.

Foods That Promote Indigestion

While there are some foods that help , there are also other foods that only contribute to it. Knowing which foods cause this problem is perhaps even more important than knowing which foods help indigestion, because being aware of the foods that contribute to it means that it will be easier for you to avoid them or replace them with more suitable foods.

Here is a list of foods that are known to contribute towards producing indigestion.

It is important to avoid coffee, tea, sodas, and other caffeinated or carbonated drinks. Additionally, citrus fruits and juices are known to cause indigestion due to their acidity. Alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, peppermint, pickled foods, tomatoes, tomato-related products, and all fried or fatty foods can be linked to indigestion.

Though these foods are the most common culprits , everyone is different and thus might have a different food that triggers this problem within them. Listen to what your body is telling you-if you experience symptoms of indigestion after eating a certain food, then you should avoid that food in the future.

No More Excuses

Modern lifestyle makes it too easy to indulge in the wrong foods, but knowing what role different foods play in your diet can be eye opening for most of us. For those who have ignored the health consequences of their poor food choices, knowing about foods that help and foods that cause indigestion means that they have no more excuses to live an unhealthy life and therefore suffering from the pains of heartburn.

Foods That Help Indigestion

Author Biography: Paul Courtney contributes articles to various publications pertaing to Alternative Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Organics and is the main contributor to

Vitamin B12 and Bodybuilding

Many people with low iron in the blood, it is essential to take the B12 vitamin. Bodybuilding also uses this vitamin because it does contain many separate anabolic properties. A B-complex vitamin supplement will harness all the benefits of the anabolics and vitamins in one tablet. The main reason bodybuilders like to make sure they are getting enough B12 is that it aids in digestion and absorption of the proteins and carbs they ingest in the food. B12 is also a vitamin that plays a role as an enzyme in many bodily functions.

No one can deny the value of making sure your body gets the vitamins it needs, whether you engage in bodybuilding or not. When you take a Vitamin B supplement, you do get the B12 you need for iron as well as the other properties that will help you tone your muscles naturally as an enzyme in many bodily functions. In the stomach the B vitamins help release more of the gastric juices, which enable the body to gain more from the food than it normally would.

\"health Food\"

No one can deny the value of making sure your body gets the vitamins it needs, whether you engage in bodybuilding or not. When you take a Vitamin B supplement, you do get the B12 you need for energy as well as the other properties that will help you tone your muscles naturally with exercise. Energy is something that bodybuilders need in order to keep up a rigid training routine. The muscles also need this energy to recuperate after an exercise routine.

Vitamin B12 and Bodybuilding

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Chemical Composition of Wood

1. General Composition

Wood is build primarily out the following compounds (in % dry weight):


  • cellulose 40-50%
  • lignin: 16-25% in hardwood - 23-33% in softwood
  • hemi-cellulose: 20-30% in hardwood - 15-20% in hardwood
  • other compounds (water, resins,...) 5-30%
  • minerals 0,1-3%

The actual structure of wood is formed by the fiberlike structure of cellulose (and hemi-cellulose). Lignin forms the binding agent between these fiberlike structures.

2. Cellulose

Cellulose is one of the most abundant organic compounds on earth. Not only woody plants like trees are build from it but also all other plants. Cotton fibres are made of cellulose, wood consists for about 50% out of cellulose. One cellulose molecule is a chain of thousands of glucose molecules. In it's pure form it is a white fibre. Cellulose for paper production is normally harvested from wood but some plants are a good source as well. Cellulose is also used in the chemical industry as a basic material for the production of synthetic products like tissues, coatings, explosives,... Cellulose is without a doubt one of the most important and versatile products for the economy!

3. Lignine

Lignine is an organic polymer, typically found in wood. Softwood contains more lignine as hardwood. It is build from giant, 3-dimensional molecules of a complex composition. It is a dark compound that is a waste product from the paper industry. 4. Hemi-cellulose Hemi-cellulose is closely related to cellulose. They are both structures build from glucose. But hemi-cellulose contains also other types of sugar molecules in its structures. The fibers are also shorter then those of cellulose, only a few hundreds of sugar molecules. Hard wood contains more hemi-cellulose then softwood.

5. other substances and minerals

There are other organics compounds in wood that don't have constructive properties. But they contribute to color, odor, strength and mass. Oils and fatty molecules, wax, starch,... are some examples. Besides these organic substances, wood contains also anorganic minerals like calcium, natrium and magnesium in the form of phosphates, silicates, sulphates,...

More info:

Chemical Composition of Wood

Your Body and Acidophilus With Pectin

Taking care of your body does not only mean going to the gym and working out. It also means that you should take care of the insides of your body too. Eating the right food and doing the right activity is also very important in terms of taking care of your body.

Eating nutritious food has a lot of benefits. It can relatively decrease the risk of diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes. This is why it is important that you should eat the right kinds of food.

\"health Food\"

However, you should also remember your stomach. Sometimes, foods can contain bacteria that can do harm to your digestive system. The bacteria and putrefactive yeasts may secrete toxins that can deprive your body of the essential vitamins it needs. Therefore, you need some protection against these organisms in order to get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Research has found that Acidophilus with Pectin can significantly support your body's health by altering the microflora ecology in your intestines. This will mean that it will favor your friendly flora found in your intestines to benefit your health.

Acidophilus is also known to reduce the overgrowth of yeast in your stomach.

However, when the friendly bacteria that are naturally found in the stomach are depleted, the yeast growth will increase. By taking acidophilus with pectin, you can increase the friendly bacteria and keep the yeast from growing.

If the overgrowth of yeast is left unchecked, it can cause thrush, yeast diaper rash, vaginal yeast infection, diarrhea, and breast yeast infection.

This is why it is important for you to replenish your supply of friendly bacteria in your stomach by taking acidophilus with pectin.

Acidophilus is available in your local health food and nutrition stores and come in a form of capsules or powder.

Your Body and Acidophilus With Pectin

Note: there's been plenty of clinical research done proving the lactobacillus acidophilus benefits. People who are constantly stressed out or have immune system problems should consume supplemental probiotics.

Renata Nyleve runs the website - where you can see her best rated probiotic supplement.

Healthy Eating - Silverbeet

Recognized as a part of the Amaranthaceae family, Silverbeet or, Beta vulgaris cicla, as it is Botanically known, is often incorrectly called spinach. Spinach has a different Genus name of the same family. In many countries Silverbeet is more commonly recognised as Chard.

Silverbeet can be grown mostly all year round in most climates apart from the extremes of summer and winter. Silverbeet is generally pretty hardy providing it gets good drainage. Silverbeet will thrive in ground rich in organic matter. It can be sown directly in the soil or raised in pots for later transplanting.


Silverbeet is from the same Genus and species as Beetroot. Beetroot is grown typically as a root vegetable and silverbeet is grown only for its leaf and stalk. The leaves of Beetroot can also be eaten.

As a tender, plate vegetable (cooked or salad), Silverbeet can be harvested when the leaves are young. When the leaves are about 6 inches (15cm) long and before the typical curling of the leaf is an ideal time to pick. Leaves can be picked from about 2 inches in length for salad mixes.

Older leaves can grow more than 24 inches (60cm) and have curlier leaves. Leaves grown to this size are ideal for adding to Pasta sauces, stews and soups.

One of the most common cultivars is "Fordhook Giant". More recently cultivars have include many mixed coloured stems including orange, red, purple and the typical white.

Silver beet has a wide range of uses.

The young shoots around 2 inches long can be cut and used in salads with similar sized beetroot leaves, spinach and rocket. Toss with a dressing of crushed garlic, vinegar and olive oil.

Larger young leaves can be cooked and used as a side vegetable or shredded and mixed into salads with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cubes of tasty cheese.

Larger leaves are ideal for adding to soups and stews. One of my favourite recipes with silverbeet is a traditional bolognaise sauce with 3 or 4 cups of finely shredded Silverbeet leaves. Allowed simmering for an hour or so and serving over penne or fettuccine.

The stalk of Silverbeet can be used with the leaf or it can be removed and cooked separately. The white stalk is ideal cooked with green beans or broccoli and eaten as a warm salad with a crushed garlic and olive oil dressing.

All leaves of Silverbeet, especially the larger leaves should be washed well to remove foreign bodies and insects that may have found home in the curly undersides of the leaves.

Healthy Eating - Silverbeet

Eric describes himself as being "Passionate about Organics". Eric is Married and has 2 Children. Eric and his wife Narelle represent Miessence Certified Organic Skin Care, Cosmetics, Home & Nutritional Products. Silverbeet is an ingredient in In-Liven Probiotic Superfood.

Organic Ganoderma Lucidum - The New Alternative Health Wonder

Organic Ganoderma Lucidum is a fungus that is found in tree stumps and logs that are decaying. It has been a part of Chinese traditional medicine for over 4,000 years, commonly used to treat hypertension, liver disorders, arthritis as well as other medical conditions. It is considered the oldest mushroom to be utilized in medicine, and is among the most respected of its kind. Chinese culture has always held mushrooms in high regard for their medicinal and special properties. This fungus was once rare, being very difficult to find and cultivate. Today, it is readily available thanks to more effective cultivation of the plant.

Organic Ganoderma Lucidum naturally occurs in a variety of colors, but the one most commonly cultivated is the red variety. This mushroom is very beautiful, but it isn't beneficial because of its beauty. Often, this mushroom is referred to as Reishi or Ling Zhi, which is Chinese for 'herb of spiritual potency'. This fungus has been added to the American Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium. It is known for having the following properties in regards to its health improvement and medicinal abilities: anti-allergen, antioxidant, cardiovascular, immunomodulating, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, inhibition of platelet aggregation, prevention of bronchitis, antiviral, anti-diabetic, and kidney and nerve tonic as well as many other properties that make it a medicinal wonder drug of sorts.


One of the applications of organic Ganoderma Lucidum is in coffee. Ganoderma coffee, more commonly known as Gano Coffee, offers a different type of coffee for people to enjoy that includes a variety of health benefits. Although there are many ways to purchase and take this plant as an herbal supplement, the coffee is one of the most popular items simply because of the popularity of coffee among Americans. With more than 300 million cups of coffee consumed each day by Americans, turning this fungus into a coffee product is an effective way to get more people to use the product.

There are many different forms of organic Ganoderma Lucidum that can be used for herbal and medicinal use, including powder, tea, coffee, and other products. People who consider using this type of medicinal product need to be certain that they are getting an authentic product that is organic and that offers a high amount of the fungus, because some products include fillers and only have 20% to 30% content of Ganoderma Lucidum. Because this is a natural product, there is also no risk of adverse reactions or side effects for people who choose to use it.

Organic Ganoderma Lucidum - The New Alternative Health Wonder

Sotero M Lopez II, President of Organo Coffee Company is a distributor for Organo Gold. If you are looking for more info on OrganoGold CLICK HERE.

Sotero M Lopez II

The Benefits of Using an Organic Beauty Product

The use of an organic beauty product, like most things made of natural ingredients, is highly beneficial. If you are still using a commercialized beauty and skin care product, perhaps you may want to consider switching to an organic beauty product after reading the following advantages it can give you.

Absence of Harsh Chemicals


Because it is made of natural ingredients, an organic beauty product does not contain any harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Organic products are perfect for those who have sensitive or irritable skin.


Organic products usually have a fresh, pleasant and natural scent, unlike synthetic products, which use strong fragrances to hide the smell of chemicals. Organic products will smell just like the ingredients they are made of, such as lavender, coconut milk, papaya, and other sweet-smelling ingredients.

No Unpleasant Surprises

With organic beauty and skin care products, you know exactly what ingredients were used and how they were formulated. With commercially-available products? You will never know. You will always be left wondering if some sort of harmful chemical was added to extend the product's shelf life.

The amazing results of using an organic beauty product will show almost immediately. Once you and everybody else notice how great your skin looks, you will not want to switch back to using synthetic products.

To know more about organic beauty and skin care items, talk to your dermatologist. He or she will be able to recommend which type of organic product is right for your hair and skin type. There is a wide selection of natural products for you to choose from, so take your time and do your research in searching for the right one. Since you will not be dealing with harsh chemicals, you can try any organic beauty product that interests you and see if it will fit your skin type. These products are fairly inexpensive, so you do not have to worry about your budget either.

The Benefits of Using an Organic Beauty Product

Yap Shirley has been writing articles professionally, both online and offline, since 4 years ago. This author is not only writing in the subject of health, but also in dieting, fat loss, fitness and many other more. Check out her latest website in Oriental Wool Rugs which discuss and review about Shaw Area Rugs.

The Relation Between Age and Learning Ability

A doctrine that we commonly hear working in any organization is "You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks". How to talk about this myth, is it false or true? Do the learning abilities decrease as one gets older? There is a simple answer "No" to this complex question.

Relation between Age and learning ability is not always inversely proportional. Learning can be halted at any age, but anyone who keeps learning stays young. There must be a limit for learning ability but a saga that some memory loss occurs when someone is getting older is an exaggerated fact. Age can't be a hindrance for people to learn new methods and techniques. A widespread ambiance held in number of organizations around the world is that older employees are resistant to change, inflexible, unwilling to adopt any new method and defiant to be trained as compared to their younger corresponding persons. But according to a research point of view, this perception is more than wrong.


It is evident, that older workers (50 and above) are forced to be less confident about their learning abilities due to certain social stress. It seems that older workers are somewhat less efficient in taking challenges, average on acquiring complex and demanding skills and much slower in sorting out problems and giving solutions. That is why they need more time to be trained. But once they are trained they prove to be a better asset than their counterparts for the company as they are proficient in transferring their experience and knowledge to the job.

Wisdom is defined as accumulated learning; knowledge, better insight and better judgment capability are qualities that can be gained well through experience with time. Age actually develops some rational abilities such as outlines for better solutions and expert knowledge. Being old does not always mean to be wiser or have a better degree of insight, but a person must have accumulation of certain qualities that can be gained only through experience of living and learning. This ability to acquire knowledge, skills and capability to perform up to a certain mark is called "Trainability". A number of individual characteristics such as less motivation and low ability to cope up with challenging environment have been found to hamper learning and its further conclusions. However, age has not been found a cause to influence these outcomes. In fact, older age brings more experience. Still, the stereotypes exist.

The Relation Between Age and Learning Ability

William King is the director of India Wholesale Suppliers and UAE Dubai Directory. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.