Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer - How to Make Organic Seaweed Fertilizer Extract - Granules

Why We Need Fertilizer

Plants do need a whole host of mineral nutrients to sustain healthy growth; most soils do contain a balance of minerals. A soil may be lacking in some of them, and adding fertilizer will enhance the plants growth and performance. Millions of people do live near the sea or go on vacation with a trailer to seaside locations and seaweed is the best Organic Fertilizer on the market. This is because it contains natural nitrogen minerals which are not found in very many other organic fertilizers.


After working for several years for a seaweed manufacturer I am about to blow the lid and you can discover how easy it really is to make your own fertilizer.

Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer - How to Make Organic Seaweed Fertilizer Extract - Granules

How to Make Your Own Fertilizer

Equipment needed:

· 1 medium sized bin about 25 litres, 5 gallon.

· Food processor.

· Oven or grill (optional).

· Kitchen foil.

· Oven trays.

· Scraps of wood to fit into the inside of the bin.

· A cutting tool i.e. a saw.

· Something heavy in my case I use bricks.

Product needed:

· Seaweed bubbly type preferably (more extract/juice comes out) 7 Kg, 14 Lb

· Food preservative (optional)

OK you've got the equipment and product together

· Cut out a scrap of wood that will fit in the bin a quarter of the way up from the floor.

· Put in the bricks to support the wood and create a new floor for the bin.

· Make sure the wood is not a tight fit.

· Liquidize the seaweed about 1 Kg, 2.2 lb at a time in the food processor.

· Use blades that will give you a rough finish (you don't want it too smooth).

· Add minced up seaweed to your upgraded bin.

· Repeat this process until your bin is full.

· Clean out the food processor as the seaweed contains a high level of salt

· Cut another scrap of wood to fit inside the top of the bid (about 5" from each side of the bin).

· Put the bin outside and load the bricks on top.

· Leave for 2 days.

The top of the bin (oven)

· Unpack the bricks and transport the seaweed into an oven tray with kitchen foil on.

· Place in a pre heated oven at 200°C, 392 °F.

· Cook for half an hour or until really crispy but not burnt.

· Grind up (optional).

· Add water 40 grams diluted with water makes up to 20 litres of seaweed liquid feed.

· Or add straight to the soil.

The top of the bin (without oven)

· Unpack the bricks and transport the seaweed straight onto the soil and mix in.

The bottom of the bin

· This is where the liquid extract will be.

· Add Food preservative or can place in freezer or use within 4 weeks and store in fridge.

· Add water in a watering can up to an amazing 80 to 1 mix

I have searched the web for instructions on how to make my own seaweed extract and I think this is the first detail instructions on how to make organic fertilizer seaweed extract and seaweed powder/granules. Seaweed granules can also be used as animal feed, seaweed powder can be used alongside pet food just sprinkle some in and this increases there fertility rate as well as help smelly pet breath.

Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer - How to Make Organic Seaweed Fertilizer Extract - Granules

I think in this day and age techniques are lost on making your own products and everybody should have a chance to be organic Only when your night-shift do you realize at the end of the day, is start of the shift.and having the wrong tool for the right job is better than no tools at all

Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Sprays

Fruit trees should be sprayed in early spring before the bud opens in order to kill overwintering insects/insect eggs nestled in the crevices of your fruit trees. However, in order to safeguard your health and that of the environment, consider using one of the environmentally safe natural or organic fruit tree sprays which are every bit as capable of killing overwintering insects and insect larvae. Any of the following organic and natural fruit tree sprays will do the job: a lime sulfur/horticultural oil mixture, a horticultural oil/water mixture, and a homemade spray made up of natural ingredients.

Organic Fruit Tree Sprays


The first type of organic fruit tree sprays, the lime sulfur/horticultural oil mixture, can sometimes be bought premixed, but you can also buy a kit and mix the two. The lime sulfur is a natural fungicide which kills dormant fungus spores or bacteria. The horticultural oil is used to smother all overwintering insects and/or the eggs.

Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Sprays

This combination spray must be used early in the spring before the buds swell and break open; otherwise you risk burning the new leaf. Also it can be sprayed only if the temperature remains between 0 degrees Celsius (32 F) and 20 degrees Celsius (about 70 F) for at least 24 hours because the oil part of the spray needs time to smother insects or their eggs. A cold night will break down the oil before it has a chance to be effective. However if it happens to freeze after the 24 hour period, there is no harm done.

Spray when there is very little or no wind, and no rain, snow, or sleet in the forecast. Read instructions carefully and cover yourself well because it can be a messy job when you spray your tree from the top down until it drips. In addition, the lime sulphur has a strong smell, so wear clothes you can wash.

A second type of organic fruit tree sprays, the horticultural oil/water mixture, can be used not only in early spring but also throughout the summer as long as the spraying is done early in the morning when the weather is cooler and the tree has cooled off. This mixture is far less messy than the first one.

Natural Fruit Tree Spray

You can always opt out of this messiness by making your own mixture with natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboard or bought at a gardening center. One spray mixture which is easy to make and which can be used in the spring or at any time during the summer months includes liquid seaweed (found in plant nurseries) blackstrap molasses (the kind you use for cooking), apple cider vinegar, and Murphy soap - all added to a gallon of water.

The seaweed and the molasses not only fight fungal disease in the garden but also feed the plant through the leaves (called foliar feeding) especially if you are spraying really early in the morning when the leaf pores are still open.

You needn't worry about the molasses attracting bugs. The plants absorb the molasses instantly. Boom it's gone! The fruit trees just love it!

The acidity of the vinegar helps kill black spot on roses, powdery mildew, brown patch, and other nasty fungi.

So instead of spraying your fruit trees with poisonous insecticides/pesticides, you may want to consider using the dormant spray combination of lime sulfur and horticultural oil, the dormant horticultural oil/water mixture, or a spray made up of natural ingredients, a spray which not only smothers the insects/insect eggs and fights fungal diseases but also feeds the tree.

Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Sprays

Bio: A gardener for years, Marcie has learned that getting rid of overwintering insects/fungal diseases in early spring is necessary. Find out more about Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Sprays